Monday, 8 April 2013

                                              What should I do?
I hear how many children with APD have speech therapy or something like that but I don't have any of that. I only have teachers know I have APD and help me. Do any of you think I need anything else please write in the comments below.


  1. im going to write this as anonymous cuz im not allowed to say who it is. my cousin has ADHD and it effects the whole family. everytime he (10) his younger brother (8) and his youngest sister (3) come over for a family dinner he never plays games with us and if he does he is always arguing therefore its really hard for us to get along and play normally which means fights. i feel that the one that is effected the most is his younger brother. the reason i say this is because everyone one loves an adorable 3 year old, so she gets attention. since my cousin with ADHD has ADHD and is hard to control (in the nicest way possible) he gets attention. the only one that doesnt get attention is my young cousin. this means he does everything he can to get noticed my his parents even if it means crying over things which is not worth crying about or using violence on my cousin with ADHD. that means my cousin with ADHD gets really angery and hits him back, there is no way to controll his emotions. this usually leads to most of the FAMILY fighting. my cousin goes to a special school because HIS school couldn't handle him. its a very rough and challenging time for all of us but one day we will get over it. ~annonamys (even though cam and maya know who i am)

  2. That is a very touching. Tell your cousin I know how he feels in a way and I really hope you find a way to stop the fighting!

  3. Maya,I was wondering whether you or your parents had ever heard of audio-psycho-phonology, also known as the Tomatis method? I was treated at a Tomatis center in France almost 30 years ago, but at the time the treatment was still experimental and awfully expensive and I could never complete it. 30 year later, now living in the US and still battling all sorts of discomforts due to my APD, I decided to become a therapist myself. I am being presently treated by a wonderful colleague whom I met during my classes in Belgium. He comes regularly to visit me from San Francisco to Los Angeles, where I live, to treat me, but also to help me build my own practice (I just graduated as a Tomatis practitioner and have basic equipment). Maya, I am 58 years old and I feel like my life I just beginning! I could never keep a job because, making too many mistakes, I was getting fired or quit for being too stressed by the extra effort I had to put in communicating with other "normal" beings. When I was doing my classes in Belgium, I observed all the kids who go there for treatment. I became friends with a lot of them, I think because we could understand one another. We could "sense" one another, which I was told will be a great asset for me as a therapist. Unfortunately, at this time, there are not many therapy centers in the US, and the ones that exist are quite expensive! But I'd highly recommend to look into it. Audio-psycho-Phonology (in short, APP) uses music (mostly Mozart) filtered through a special device, that literally produces a "work-out" of the tiny muscles inside you ears. When these muscles start working properly, they not only help your ears to capture better the sound signals they send to the brain, but they also help protect your ears from undesirable sounds. The music of Mozart is ideal to stimulate brain function in all areas (creativity and maths) because it is so rich and so simple at the same time. Mozart was an incredibly gifted composer who started writing music at age 4! There is so much I want to tell you about Mozart! Anyway, I am so proud of you that you are taking your "problem" in you own hands! You are not alone!!!