Thursday, 11 April 2013

                              A little about friends
Today I just feel like telling you how nice my friends are! I have gotten permission to write names. 
I have quite a lot of friends and many of them look at my blog! I got many friend and they respect me even if I have a learning disability.  My friend Maya (no she is not me) likes to test me and see if I really have APD while my friend Cameryn if very calm with me. Maya and Cameryn enjoy reading my blog and give me ideas. Many bad friends would of said " its useless talking to you since you won't even hear me!" but my friends are very nice not to say anything! They know I might not always understand them but that does not keep them from hanging out from me! This year we were put in different classes and lucky for me I met more great friends some of who know how I feel. No one judges me and calls me "mental" but instead they talk to me like a normal person even if I have APD. Many of my new friends have ADHD and I get along with them very well. Now I don't feel left out. 
Well that's all about my friends and keep tuned for more!