Friday, 26 April 2013

                                         Math just got harder
There are many people that are just bad at math.....
People with APD make math look even harder. First of all we have trouble concentrating in class. Also its hard to understand what the teacher is saying, we can't understand what the numbers like fractions, what is the denominator  What's a numerator? Not long ago my class had a test on fractions and all the questions were word problems and I had some trouble with them. I really dislike math word problems. My friends sometimes will also get stressed out with math, but for me it's different because I have a APD and dyslexia. They don't understand how different it is for me to do math then it is for me. It takes a really long time for me to do a math work sheet and once in  a while I feel slow.
That is all I hope that if you have APD  then remember you are not alone.

Friday, 19 April 2013

                                  What does "mental" mean?
I hear many people say the word mental, but what does it mean? Many people use this word to describe a disabled person.  People say mental in a bad way which I think is very mean! To be honest I also use the word mental but that was before I found out I had APD. I hope all of you do use the word disabled of different if you ever need to. Many people might say this when they see a disabled person " Wow that person is so mental!" or "That person is mental so they are like so weird!" I know many may think disabled people are weird but I'm not weird even if I have a disability. I am raising awareness and getting public so you should to, you can make a difference. 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

                            Writing and reading
Today I will show you how I write My dad is bad but sometimes nice! Now first of all my dad is nice and please don't make fun of my hand writing! You might notice that my b's and d's are not always correct!

That is how I write and now to talk a little about reading.
Many may wonder what children with APD prefer to read. Well now you are about to find out!
I enjoy reading comics a lot because of the simple language and illustrations! Big Nate and Diary of a wimpy kid are very good books! But now I have started reading books on my level like Percy Jackson The lighting thief and Harry potter. These books are very interesting and if you have dyslexia, or ADD(ADHD) you can relate to two the characters in the book. Many kids might think it is to hard to read these books but it is very simple when you get interested. Now parents you might eventually notice you child reading even slow then how the do usually  that means they literally cant read anymore. If you are wondering how I know this, well I got stuck on book six in harry potter now I listen to it on audio reader. 
I think it would be nice if some people can write books you recommend and please speak up if you have any questions don't be shy!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

                                                  Early years

Now lets go to the past to grade one and lets see how it was...
I don't remember grade one that well but I do remember some of it. I remember that most of the time at recess I would play alone. It was hard for me to get friends so I tried to pop into every conversation. I wasn't good with talks so I was a very quiet girl. I was very gullible and easily bullied and people normal hurt my feelings. I felt like a loner but now It all changed! I have made more friends and have been talking a lot, maybe even too much! I make online friends and never get into fights and best of all no one know bout my little secret!
Next time you ever get emotionalism hurt remember this it does not matter what other people think all that matters is what you think! this saying helps me through the toughest moments.
                              A little about friends
Today I just feel like telling you how nice my friends are! I have gotten permission to write names. 
I have quite a lot of friends and many of them look at my blog! I got many friend and they respect me even if I have a learning disability.  My friend Maya (no she is not me) likes to test me and see if I really have APD while my friend Cameryn if very calm with me. Maya and Cameryn enjoy reading my blog and give me ideas. Many bad friends would of said " its useless talking to you since you won't even hear me!" but my friends are very nice not to say anything! They know I might not always understand them but that does not keep them from hanging out from me! This year we were put in different classes and lucky for me I met more great friends some of who know how I feel. No one judges me and calls me "mental" but instead they talk to me like a normal person even if I have APD. Many of my new friends have ADHD and I get along with them very well. Now I don't feel left out. 
Well that's all about my friends and keep tuned for more!

Monday, 8 April 2013

                                              What should I do?
I hear how many children with APD have speech therapy or something like that but I don't have any of that. I only have teachers know I have APD and help me. Do any of you think I need anything else please write in the comments below.
             School quick news
I have noticed something... If you want to know what I found out please read the following.
I have noticed that I rarely hear the school bell. Some times I would stay after school for several extra minutes waiting for the bell to ring until someone told me the bell rang 5 minutes ago. I also noticed that I mix words often like when my friends say "Maya can you come here for a sec" but all I hear is "Maya are you sure ....... here" the "......." means I hear my friends mumbling words. There are times when I don't even hear a thing like when my friends say " Maya, were are you?" I would keep asking them "Wait can you say that again?" or "Sorry but I can't hear you!"
Well thats all today and please do tell me if you want anything.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

                           In the outdoors
Have any of you wonder how it feels out side if you have APD? Well if you do you should read this.....
First I will talk about school. At recess I would play with my friends (if any one of you know the book warriors then you might understand.) My friends called "clan meeting " and many of my friends came. I would slay in the middle of the field and wonder to my self were are my friends? Were are they? then I see them  around one of my friends and listening to her. I would come up not knowing why we are here and what happened. I would tell them they did not say "clan meeting" when the actually said it like 5 times!
Now I will talk about just being outside on my school playground. Lets just say I'm hanging out with one of my friend on the school playground. Many people are also there and many are talking loudly. So me and him/her are just talking when one boy is yelling "HEY BLUE SHIRT GIMME THE BALL!" and some other kid is saying "wanna come to my house?' and another kid is saying "OMG I got a A+ on my french test!"I would not be able to talk to my friend because I wont be able to hear them. This is not because it is loud outside but because of all the people talking at once. My brain is not able to process all the information at once so it will not process any information at all! 
This is something I suffer a lot and its getting just annoying! I'm very lucky all teachers that teach me know about my APD and give me the silence I need! Oh thank you great teachers!
I will be uploading more information to this blog and all you readers with APD don't be shy to wright a small biography of yourself!

Friday, 5 April 2013

                    Quick school news!

I do not know what actually happen so all I know or think I know happened will be written below.
Today at school my brain was in chaos! At lunch time 4-5 boys in my class were leaning on a desk when it flipped over! The boys were fighting, trying to prove themselves insistent. One boy managed to take a picture of what happen to show a teacher. The whole class was yelling and I could not stay still. My brain was not able to take in all the yelling and I felt as though I was gonna start running around my classroom yelling "STOP STOP BE QUIET!" I could not take it no more. I asked if I may get a drink so I just stand calmly in the hall. 
Well that's about all that happened at school!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Living with Auditory Processing Disorder

Do you want to know about a life of a child with APD?  Everything i say will be in purple so you know how it feels and what I am going through.
Hi my name is Maya. I am 11 years old and live in a normal familly of 4 and 4 pets (3 hermit crabs and a cat). I have APD and some dyslexia. But you can’t see my disorders right away you have to know me well to really see them. I’m quite a normal girl with normal standards; I enjoy drawing and want to be a fashion designer when I grow up. Don’t I sound like a normal girl? Well I’m gonna tell you about how it feels to have APD……
I have read many blogs about parents writing about their kids but I'm gonna write about my self instead. First I shall talk about school. I'm in grade six, I was put into a class were many people had disorders such as ADHD. My teacher is the best grade six teacher in the school but my class does not listen all the time! Well anyway, in class I might zone out in the middle of a class discussion and all I would hear my teacher say is (this is a math example) "OK does anyone know what the common multiple of 14 is? OK it is mumble mumble blah blah blah mumble -silence- OK now do this work sheet!" then I would get the work sheet and not remember us talking about what to do wen all that time we were discussing it! Also its really hard for me to concentrate when half my class is talking and I'm trying to do my work. If I would have put soundless earplugs then I would be able to work calmly but now all I hear is yelling. I can't write my b's and d's correctly and I'm really bad at math and literacy in some places is the work curriculum.
Well that's all for this part of my small biography but I will be writing more!
please write any comments if you have questions or want me to add anything.