Friday, 20 June 2014

                                           Being online

Hi I'm back! I will try to post every Friday.I like to play on my laptop. Everyday when I get home after school I always go to my laptop right away. I like to play a game called Minecraft and I LOVE YouTube videos! I watch the Rhett and Link from YouTube and they are really awesome! I also play a game called iSketch. It is a game were you draw something and other players have to guess what you drew! I started to draw with the Family Guy style. That is all for this post, please tell me in the comments what I should talk about next Friday!

Friday, 13 June 2014

                                   Getting back on!

Hi, its me Maya! Sorry I haven't been posting anything! Anyway.. I'm back! So now its near the end of the the school year. I will be going to grade 8! During this school year I went places like Mexico and Disney world (I loved it)! During the year I lost some friends but I got some other great friends. There has been some conflict between me and some of my friends. I have started to watch lots of YouTube videos by youtubers named Rhett and Link! I started learning cartoon styles like in the Simpsons and Family guy. Anyway, about my friend... one of my friends weren't being very nice to me and non of my friends stood up for me so I started hanging out with my other friends and I have never been happier! Nothing else really changed... I might start updating this blog but please don't put your hopes up to high!
Thank you for still reading this! :)