Thursday, 27 June 2013

                        It's summer!
I'm making a post strait from my school saying that school is over! I got my report card and my marks are great! I improved so much! Next school year is hard, I will be in grade seven and it's not so exiting. I also want to thank all of you for being patient  and waiting for new post, it's been a very busy month so it's been hard to write post. I also have no new news. I'm counting on you guys to give me ideas because my mind is blank! Just a small update, but my grammar has improved but its really bad, I can't write should correctly, instead I write sould. Well any way that's all I got to say! I hope to see you soon.

Friday, 7 June 2013

                                     Looking at the bright side! 
At my school we had something called track and field. There are track and field events and everyone has to do 2 of them, for example, standing long jump and ball throw, and 100 meters and 200 meters of running (this is what I picked). we were in small groups for running. There were only 2 other people in my group and they were faster then me but I was still confident I would be fast. I was around 15 cm from the person in front of me and it took me 15 seconds to run 100 meters! My friends group was after mine so I got to see her run too, she came at 16 seconds or so and she felt quite sad. I told her that after all she was racing with some of the fastest people in the 6th grade and that she was really fast. Then we had 200 meters. We were in our same groups and the same order. When my group ran I was nervous, 200 meters was a lot and I was scared I would be behind by a lot! We started running and eventually we all got tired, my group jogged and I came last again! I got 59 seconds and I was proud of it! My friend once again ran after I did and she got around a minute. She was very sad so I told her all the good things in the event and that its nothing  more then just an sport event and that its not important. Then since it was the end of the day we walked away holding our participation ribbons and smiling.