Saturday, 6 April 2013

                           In the outdoors
Have any of you wonder how it feels out side if you have APD? Well if you do you should read this.....
First I will talk about school. At recess I would play with my friends (if any one of you know the book warriors then you might understand.) My friends called "clan meeting " and many of my friends came. I would slay in the middle of the field and wonder to my self were are my friends? Were are they? then I see them  around one of my friends and listening to her. I would come up not knowing why we are here and what happened. I would tell them they did not say "clan meeting" when the actually said it like 5 times!
Now I will talk about just being outside on my school playground. Lets just say I'm hanging out with one of my friend on the school playground. Many people are also there and many are talking loudly. So me and him/her are just talking when one boy is yelling "HEY BLUE SHIRT GIMME THE BALL!" and some other kid is saying "wanna come to my house?' and another kid is saying "OMG I got a A+ on my french test!"I would not be able to talk to my friend because I wont be able to hear them. This is not because it is loud outside but because of all the people talking at once. My brain is not able to process all the information at once so it will not process any information at all! 
This is something I suffer a lot and its getting just annoying! I'm very lucky all teachers that teach me know about my APD and give me the silence I need! Oh thank you great teachers!
I will be uploading more information to this blog and all you readers with APD don't be shy to wright a small biography of yourself!


  1. A THANKS TO ALL BLOGGERS: Thank you all bloggers that read this blog! I have gotten more the 100 veiws thanks to you! I can't believe I have views from many places around the world so "THANK YOU!"

  2. You are doing duch a great job, Maya!