Friday, 26 April 2013

                                         Math just got harder
There are many people that are just bad at math.....
People with APD make math look even harder. First of all we have trouble concentrating in class. Also its hard to understand what the teacher is saying, we can't understand what the numbers like fractions, what is the denominator  What's a numerator? Not long ago my class had a test on fractions and all the questions were word problems and I had some trouble with them. I really dislike math word problems. My friends sometimes will also get stressed out with math, but for me it's different because I have a APD and dyslexia. They don't understand how different it is for me to do math then it is for me. It takes a really long time for me to do a math work sheet and once in  a while I feel slow.
That is all I hope that if you have APD  then remember you are not alone.

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  1. Is it easier for you to do word problems or just calculations?