Friday, 17 May 2013

                                  Answers to your questions.
 I have see many people ask many questions on my blog and well I think it is about time I answers them!
 The questions are from the posts called "what does mental mean?"and "math just got harder". The questions are:

When did you find out about your APD?
Good question! My parents found out about it when I was in grade one, so around the age of 5-6. They just said I had a literacy problem until the time around the end of February and beginning of March in 2013. I found out I had Dyslexia in grade 3 or so.

Is it easier for you to do word problems or just calculations? 
Great question! If by calculations you mean adding like 9+9=18 then yes it is easier then math word problems. people with APD have trouble with word problems but I cant say I'm great at calculations either!

Thank you for your questions and so sorry that not a lot of new posts are added, I will only be posting 1 every week!


  1. Thank you for answering my question! :)

  2. When are you going to post another post? I'm still waiting... :D